(PRWEB) -- A new study shows that brainwave signals associated with feelings (http://peakachievement.com/Happiness/peak_brain_happiness_study_general.html) of happiness, love, satisfaction, gratitude, full awareness, mindfulness, peace, and the absence of stress, can now be measured. The study also showed that Transcendental Meditators with over 10 years experience could enhance this brainwave pattern associated with good feelings much more powerfully than subjects who did not meditate, although both groups learned to increase this pattern in just one session. The study established that the Neureka!

(http://www.peakachievement.com/neureka.htm) brainwave biofeedback system, which is used in the Peak Brain Happiness Trainer (http://peakachievement.com/Happiness/Peak_Brain_Happiness_Trainer.html), is able to give users instantaneous, clear information about these brainwaves related to these positive feelings.

The Peak Brain Happiness Trainer is the first instrument that can teach users to directly enhance these very powerful feelings by increasing the brainwave output from the Prefrontal Pleasure Center, a part of the brain's pleasure system mediated by the neuromodulator, dopamine. The training begins by showing the user a very pleasant DVD, and then putting the DVD under the control of the user's Neureka! brainwaves. As the user becomes happier and the Neureka! output increases, the picture gets larger. The user soon begins to understand how to create the feelings that are necessary to keep the picture larger--directly, without the use of words or thoughts.

Dr. Beverly Rubik, the President of the Institute for Frontier Sciences, who conducted the study, will demonstrate the Peak Brain Happiness Trainer from NeuroTek, LLC, http://peakachievement.com/Happiness/Peak_Brain_Happiness_Trainer.html, on December 11, 2008 at 7:00 pm, at IFS, 4067 Watts St., Emeryville, CA. She will also show the MeditAider Protocol, a feature of the Peak Brain Happiness Trainer, which helps those who are having trouble meditating to keep calm and focused and enhance Neureka!

Dr. Rubik states, "From numerous studies in mind-body science and medicine, we know that happiness is a root cause of good health. Now you can choose to engage your brain in the Neureka! experience using the Peak Brain Happiness Trainer to elevate yourself mentally and physically."

Dr. Beverly Rubik, President and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit organization, holds a Ph.D. in biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley. She has published over 80 papers and 2 books. Dr. Rubik presently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine; Integrative Medicine Insights; and Revision. She is adjunct professor in Integrative Health at California Institute of Integral Studies; adjunct faculty member in Integrative Health at Saybrook Graduate School; and a holistic health practitioner to clients at Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek.

Institute for Frontier Science, Mailing address: 6114 LaSalle Ave., PMB 605, Oakland, CA 94611.

Contact: Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., 510-531-5767 Office; 510-428-4084 Lab; brubik@earthlink.net


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