Go Comedy! offer hilarious dance movie spoof

By Susan Steinmueller
Timeless: The Dancical, which opens the new Ferndale theatre's 8 p.m. Sunday showcase, has been extended indefinitely says Pj Jacokes, co-owner and producer. The showcase features original written comedies.

"It's one of the shows where people who see it come back," he said. "So each week we have repeat attendees. It's a big word of mouth show."

The spoof of dancing movies like Dirty Dancing was written and directed by Lauren Bickers of Ferndale.

Jacokes said Timeless is "hilarious" but "hard to describe."

"It's sort of like a musical but they don't sing, they dance, and it's not necessarily people who should dance," Jacokes said. "I have seen it 12 times by now and there are still times that I'll howl."

Timeless has had success in other venues. It debuted as a short sketch at Hamtramck's Planet Ant Theatre 2007 Box Fest, then returned there as a full production earlier this year. It was picked up by The Second City to run this summer at Donny's Sky Box in Chicago.

Timeless is followed at 9 p.m. by the fully improvised musical, Rock-o-Matic.

Using only audience suggestions, the cast creates an on-the-spot musical comedy accompanied by a live band featuring Phred and Mikey Brown. Rock-o-Matic is followed at 10 p.m. by Elemenopy featuring improv power-duo Pj Jacokes and Chris DiAngelo.

"I think our whole line-up is something you are not going to see anywhere else," Jacokes said.

Go Comedy! Improv Theater, 261 E. Nine Mile, opened last month in the building formerly occupied by the Ferndale Secretary of State office. It offers improv and sketch comedy, a training center, road shows, classes and workshops for private parties, corporations and schools.
For tickets ($10), call (248) 327-0575; or buy them beginning at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the theatre box office. The Web site is http://www.gocomedy.net/.


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