Media Genesis creates 30 new jobs in two years, plans to hire more

About a dozen years ago, four guys were working at EDS. Their main job was launching Like so many entrepreneurs before them, this group of guys realized they could do the same thing their employer was doing, only better. And thus Media Genesis was born.

Well, those four guys have grown their Troy-based firm to 64 people, including independent contractors and interns. The company averages about 50 percent annual revenue growth, including 70 percent last year. That has allowed Media Genesis to add nearly 30 people to its payroll in the last few years and it looks forward to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

"We want to be careful that we don't grow faster than we can manage," says Antoine Dubeauclard, president of Media Genesis.

The company hopes to sustain this new growth by moving into new markets. It's also committed to helping diversify Michigan's economy and by working with a number of non-profits and maintaining a regional perspective.

"We're helping out the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. We're helping out all of the chambers of commerce," Dubeauclard says. "A lot of what we're doing is working on this as a regional venture."

Source: Antoine Dubeauclard, president of Media Genesis


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