Marc Djozlija
Photo © Sal Rodriguez

Marc Djozlija

Restaurant: Wright & Co.
Location: Detroit
Why He's Amazing: Because the Wolfgang Puck alumnus now has his own place in downtown Detroit, where he serves excellent, boldly flavored small plates like bay scallops in brandy and dates with almonds and Gorgonzola.
Background: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group (multiple locations)
Quintessential Dish: Lime-poached shrimp with cilantro-tomato relish and avocado mousse
Advice to Young Cooks: Never stop learning. “What do you do when there’s nothing to do? Don’t be complacent. A lot of the best chefs in the world are just conscientious people who are information sponges and never went to culinary school.”

Garrett Lipar
Photo © Jeff Nguyen of Jefresh

Garrett Lipar

Restaurant: Torino
Location: Ferndale, MI
Why He's Amazing: Because he’s cooking some of the most innovative food that Detroit has ever seen: locally sourced and foraged ingredients presented simply but stunningly, inspired by his time cooking in Sweden.
Background: Boka (Chicago); Public (New York City)
Quintessential Dish: Birch bark flour waffle with porcini mushroom powder and acorn squash gelato
Nordic Influence: Lipar spent time cooking as an intern at Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm and in other restaurants around Scandinavia before taking the reins at Torino.

James Rigato
Photo © David Lewinski

James Rigato

Restaurant: The Root
Location: White Lake, MI
Why He's Amazing: Because, tucked away in a suburban Michigan strip mall, his thoughtfully sourced, farm-to-table cooking is gaining national attention—he was a contestant on Top Chef season 12.
Background: The Rugby Grille at The Townsend Hotel (Birmingham, MI); Shiraz Grille (Grand Rapids, MI)
Quintessential Dish: Crispy braised Michigan pork belly with creamed sweet corn and kimchi
Secret Talent: Karaoke. “I crush karaoke! I want to open a karaoke bar. I love getting up on stage and singing ‘The Beautiful Ones’ or ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.”

Detroit Bikes has announced a deal with New Belgium Brewing to produce 2,415 bikes to promote the beer maker’s Fat Tire Amber Ale.

Detroit Bikes, North America's largest manufacturer of bicycles, will produce the custom-designed bikes at its 50,000 square-foot factory in Detroit. The company expects to add about ten workers to meet the increased demand and to begin shipping the Fat Tire bikes early next year.

Inspired by the iconic bicycle on New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale label, the new bike will be awarded to New Belgium employees for their one-year anniversaries and used for fundraisers and other giveaways.

“This order is a win-win,” said Zak Pashak, Detroit Bikes founder and president. “New Belgium Brewing gets a quality product that’s made-in-the-USA, and Detroit Bikes is able to partner with an outstanding company that shares our vision of encouraging cycling.”

"While there are quite a few small, custom bike builders in the US, there are very few options for larger volume, production bicycle manufacturers," said New Belgium Brewing bike designer, Ryan McKee.  “New Belgium is responsible for putting more than 2,000 bikes out into the world annually. To double down on such an awesome idea with bicycles made right in Detroit - it's twice as nice.”

“Zak and his team at Detroit Bikes exemplify the cultural renaissance that is currently happening in Detroit,” said McKee. “We appreciate Detroit Bike's love and respect for the bicycle as a sustainable vehicle for change."

Not Breaking News, Just BIG News For Detroit!

Photo: Curbed Detroit

Bedrock has officially confirmed they have commissioned the identical twin brother team How & Nosm to erect the world's largest mural on the First National Building's eastern facade.

A geometric design from Detroit artist Alvin Loving Jr was in the same spot from the 1970's until 1989.  The new design will have elements of what was originally there.

Art X Detroit: Kresge Arts Experience (AXD) is a 10-day festival of dance, literary, musical & theatrical performances, film screenings, visual arts installations, workshops, panel discussions & interactive experiences.

AXD presents works created by the 2013-2014 Kresge Eminent Artists and Artist Fellows. AXD will be hosted at multiple venues throughout Midtown Detroit and beyond over a three-week period in April & is FREE to the public.

Dates: April 9-12, 16-19, 25-26

Schedule of Events:

For more information, visit or call (313) 420-6000

A walk through the Detroit Institute of Arts’ first major exhibition since the city emerged from bankruptcy in December doesn't just offer a closer look at the museum's most famous piece; it gives visitors a chance to see the early stages of the artist's masterpiece.

The exhibition, “Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit,” looks at the trajectories of the married Mexican artists before and after they arrived in the city in 1932; however, the exhibition directs most attention to the making of Rivera’s large-scale mural “Detroit Industry," a piece made up of 27 individual panels. The fresco cycle, commissioned by the museum and paid for by auto baron heir Edsel Ford, fills an airy central court at the museum.

“It’s like a secular Sistine [Chapel] ceiling,” Mark Rosenthal told The Huffington Post, comparing Rivera to Michelangelo and praising a near-unmatched ability to “compose fantastic narrative” in his paintings.

The mural, a celebration and subtle critique of modern industry, is sprawling in size and content, but every detailed inch contains symbolism of the city’s present, past and future. The exhibition takes a closer look at some of those details in their early form: Rivera’s large preparatory drawings, which served as drafts for the final murals, are on display for the first time since the 1980s. Placed alongside the panels they inspired, the exuberant charcoal sketches he called “cartoons” reveal how Rivera translated his broad strokes into the final scenes.

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Greater downtown Detroit continues to have near-full residential occupancy according to a new report.

The figures come from the “7.2 SQ MI” report, which is from a partnership between the Hudson-Webber Foundation, Downtown Detroit Partnership, Midtown Detroit, Inc., Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and Invest Detroit, and provides an assessment of those living, working and investing in downtown Detroit.

“We believe a strong core is critical to the success of Detroit and our region,” said Eric Larson, CEO of Downtown Detroit Partnership, in a release. “Having this data assists us in shaping new programming and fine tuning our initiatives supporting a resilient city and downtown.”

This is the second edition of the report, which was first released in early 2013, and covers a 7.2 square mile collection of neighborhoods: Downtown, Midtown, Woodbridge, Eastern Market, Lafayette Park, Rivertown and Corktown, and found there are 35,037 people living in the area.

For those living downtown, there is a greater foreign-born population in downtown than the state ( 7 vs. 6 percent) and larger concentration of college educated individuals in the area than even the United States (8 vs. 4 percent).

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Who can apply?

  • Homeowners must own and occupy their home for at least six months prior to applying.
  • Low-income homeowners can apply no matter where they live. View the income table to learn more.
  • Regardless of income, homeowners in designated areas in each city council district can still apply. See the map.
  • The minimum credit score is 560. If you don’t qualify for a loan, we’ll help you improve your credit score with free credit counseling.
  • Homeowner’s insurance and taxes must be current.
  • The homeowner must be able to afford the loan payments.

What repairs qualify?

If the home has health and safety hazards, those issues must be addressed first before other repairs can be made. The following are sample projects:

  • Correcting health and safety hazards (required)
  • Electrical repairs;
  • Furnace replacement;
  • Roof replacement;
  • Plumbing;
  • Door and window replacement, restoration or maintenance;
  • Porches and structural support.

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Craft Entrepreneurship is an educational program that equips creative people in underserved communities with the knowledge and skills to start Etsy businesses and earn supplemental income through their craft.

In each city, Etsy partners with local organizations that are working to empower lower income residents through creative and interactive programming. Each organization is responsible for recruiting students who have craft and manufacturing skills, and who need support in applying their talents to entrepreneurial endeavors.

This support can be best provided through in-depth education and hands-on experience. Etsy has created a curriculum designed to be taught in person by experienced, local Etsy sellers who we train and prepare for the classroom. Participants put their learning into action by setting up and running an Etsy shop and practice strategies for success across a variety of selling environments.

Detroit's Build Institute CEP is a 5-week, 12-hour course with sessions running Fridays April 10th, 17th, 24th and May 1st and 8th. All sessions run from 6pm - 8pm, except the April 17th class will run 4pm - 8pm for a special product photography session.

All classes will be held at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (2826 Bagley Ave, Detroit MI). The cost of the course is $75 for BUILD graduates and $100 for non-BUILD graduates. You must pay the full cost in order to reserve your seat in the course.

Eligibility requirements:
At least 1 handmade craft ready to sell
No previous sales on 
Credit card (for your sales) & Internet access

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Good French fries are so much more than a limp side dish for burgers. The best are capable of standing alone — figuratively and literally — on the plate. And the best of the best can draw you back to a restaurant over and over again. When the Yahoo Travel editors assigned me the task of creating this list, I began dreaming of deep-fried delicacies from across the country. I imagined months spent traveling and savoring the earthy aroma released by fresh cut potatoes when they first begin to brown. Count me in!

And then I fell back to Earth. They were not interested in my list of favorite fries; they wanted yours. The list was to be crowd-sourced through Yahoo Travel's readers, as well as our favorite foodies across this great French fry-eating country.

The number of people who crave the fries of national chain burger joints (which shall remain nameless) is shocking. Those are NOT fries, people. Step outside the burger box and see what the rest of the country is eating.

Here’s the list, as curated by one very hungry writer.

Truffle fries at Green Dot Stables in Detroit (Photo: MyThy H./Yelp)


Sure, there are truffle fries at Green Dot Stables in Detroit, but the crowds prefer the venison chili cheese fries.

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Detroit Locations:

Detroit RiverWalk 

Ford Field 

Full Michigan List