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Motown and the automotive industry may have put Detroit on the map, but the food scene is making it a must-visit. From tried-and-true iconic dishes like the Coney dog and Detroit-style pizza to a new crop of up-and-coming chefs dishing out inventive cuisine, the Motor City is a worthy destination for dinner and beyond.

Ice Cream: Treat Dreams
This ice cream shop is anything but vanilla, with flavors like Tennessee Breakfast (cornflakes and bourbon) and Michigan Salad (blue cheese ice cream with candied pecans and brandy-soaked cherries) shaking up the normal options. Founder Scott Moloney was a banker before turning to homemade small-batch scoops, often with a seasonal spin. Now he makes more than 1,000 selections that rotate weekly and always include options for the vegan and dairy-free.

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Photo: Ruthie Abel<p>Gwen Meyer waters quickly as the summer sun rises over Labrosse Farm.</p>
Photo: Ruthie Abel

“Our garden is profitable, at least, spiritually!” Labrosse Farm founder Dawn DeMuyt pronounced, beaming. Local urban farming zealots like DeMuyt have made Corktown, Detroit’s oldest extant neighborhood, one of its most vibrant.

Established by Irish immigrants, though Native Americans and French settlers arrived long before, Corktown dates back to the 1830’s. West of downtown, the area has weathered dramatic ups and downs. Initially farmland, it burgeoned with industrialization in the early 1900’s but blistered with riots and economic hardship in the latter half of the century.

Today there are less than a handful of full-service supermarkets in Detroit, and many rely on gas stations for food provisions. Local access to fresh produce is transformative. In Corktown, devoted growers planting everything from organic mizuna to apricot trees are taking this storied neighborhood back to its agrarian roots while addressing food-scarcity.

Brother Nature Produce is one of the area’s longest-standing chemical-free urban farms. Founder Greg Willerer, a former schoolteacher, has grown herbs and salads in Corktown for ten years. “This is a salad farm,” he explained one morning while tending to Chinese baby cabbage. “We don’t do lettuce, it’s boring.”

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Meander through Lasermaze, made from three miles of wool and over 3,000 hand-tied knots by George King Architects. The Yves Klein–blue maze is installed amid steel scaffolding and chains along the Dequindre Cut, a former railway line that has been converted into a greenway and walking track. Through mid-November at Dequindre Cut;
Keenan Hastings

It’s no grand revelation that Detroit is on the upswing. But a series of recent openings (and forthcoming exhibition closings) makes the next few weeks an ideal moment to check out Motor City’s burgeoning design scene.


Meander through Lasermaze, made from three miles of wool and over 3,000 hand-tied knots by George King Architects. The Yves Klein–blue maze is installed amid steel scaffolding and chains along the Dequindre Cut, a former railway line that has been converted into a greenway and walking track. Through mid-November at Dequindre Cut;


Culture Lab Design, a pop-up shop that opened October 30 inside Detroit design shop Nora, is showcasing products made as collaborations between local artisans and international designers. “The international design community gets to recognize the talents, skills, passion, and excitement that exists within the community of Detroit,” explains Culture Lab Detroit founder Jane Schulak, “And for the artists and designers here, they are suddenly a part of an international design dialogue.” Kelly Behun collaborated with Cass Community Social Services on hanging planters, for instance, while Paola Navone teamed with local painter and concrete artist Andrew Ward of Line Studio on a series of graphic large-scale vessels. Through November 15 at Nora, 4240 Cass Avenue, Suite 109;

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Wed., November 4, 2015
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join MiSci and the Detroit Experience Factory to learn the science behind your favorite Detroit beers. We’ll visit breweries, talk with the brewers, taste their creations, and enjoy a guided tour through Detroit between breweries. All attendees must be 21 years of age or older.  Tour participants will receive a general admission voucher to fully experience the Michigan Science Center on a later date.

Stops include:
When he moved to Detroit as part of Venture for America, a program that sends new grads to startups in struggling cities to train as entrepreneurs, Brian Rudolph thought he would eventually start a tech company. Three years later, he's making pasta instead.

Rudolph just raised $1.3 million in a round of funding for Banza, a pasta made from chickpeas instead of wheat. It has twice the protein, four times the fiber, and half the net carbs as your average rigatoni. A serving has 25 grams of protein, as much as a three-ounce steak.

"I had this hobby of making really nutritious foods just for myself," he says. "I was making high-protein breads, high-protein ice creams. Most of them were not really very tasty, but this actually was. I was able to trick my roommate into thinking it was regular pasta, which I knew was a good step."

Last year, after a successful stint on Restaurant Startup, a foodie version of Shark Tank, Rudolph officially launched the product, which is now in 1,700 stores. He's hoping it will transform the pasta aisle.

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1. Robocop 

Robocop's Son (20 pics)

Additional Photos Here

How-To Instructions

2. Spirit of Detroit

How-To Instructions

Liberty Green Body Makeup
Green Color Hair Spray
One Of The Above Jersey's
Loin Cloth and Fabric Paint (or white sheet)
Optional: Hulk Chest (Adult, Child)
Gold Spray Paint (for objects in each hand).  Object 1 Object 2

Tip:  For the body makeup, the color doesn't need to be solid.  Example HERE

3. Coleman Young

How-To Instructions

3-Piece Suit (Grey or Black)
Pocket Square
Cuff Links
Glasses (optional)
Salt and Pepper your hair and mustache with hair paint (this brand is great found at Lynch's in Dearborn. Apply it on a tooth brush and blend)

Most Important: Carry around the 'Quotations of Mayor Coleman A. Young' book (it will fit in your pocket) and randomly read quotes to your friends through the evening.  This book is a gem.  You can find it online or at Pure Detroit locations.

Couples Option: Combine with Spirit of Detroit

4. Joe Louis Statue

How-To Instructions

White Boxing Shorts (White boxer shorts will also work and are way cheaper)
White Boxing Gloves
Bronze Metallic Body Paint (for body and hair) Lynch's in Dearborn also carries this line
Bronze Clothing Dye
Bronze Spray Paint (for boots)

5. Little Caesar

How-To Instructions

Orange Sheet
Black fabric paint/pens (for design that runs along the bottom of the costume) or cut out sections of felt and glue
Gold Cord Belt
Leaves (go to your nearest Michael's)
Spear - (thin black rod, make spear out of cardboard and paint black)
Pizza - Arts and Crafts time with some poster board and markers/sharpies

6. Detroit Derby Girl

How-To Instructions

Arm Pads
Knee Pads
Derby Girls Tank
Black Leggings/Nylons
Knee High Socks
Black Skates

Hint: I would contact the Detroit Derby Girls for any stickers/decals/etc

7. Jack and Meg White

How-To Instructions

White Face Make-Up
Microphone and Guitar (optional)

Dress 1 Dress 2 Dress 3 Dress 4 (google "white mexican lace dress")
White Face Make-Up
Drum sticks (optional)

8. Penobscot Building

How-To Instructions

Foam core board (for both building and attachment on the light)
LED light
Red Ball
Straps for shoulders

9. Harry Houdini

How-To Instructions

Couple sets of handcuffs
Chair around chest
Silver locks attached to chain
Black suit
White shirt (sleeves rolled up and over jacket)
Black bow-tie
Optional: dark short hair wig

10. Banksy Detroit Mural

How-To Instructions

Black leather skull cap
White paint can with red painted on the inside and a bit dripped on the outside
Paint brush with red paint dried on it
Black sweatshirt/long sleeve tshirt/black jacket with high collar, areas painted white (example here)
Sold Sign (taped to front of sweat shirt)
Black Pants
Black hair color (matted down hair)
Peachy/Tan makeup for face
Tan color gloves (or makeup for face)
Dark makeup for neck and and around the eyes

11. Michael Bolton

How-To Instructions

White and Grey liquid hair color (or wig)
Black button up
Black pants
Diamond earring stud in left ear
Detroit Burnout Scroll Scarf (crucial piece.  He loves his scarves)
Microphone or Video Camera
Preloaded playlist of all Michael Bolton Motown covers on your phone

Added touch: have a custom black t'shirt made with the "Detroit vs Everybody" font, with with copy "Michael Bolton (heart 's) Detroit or "When A Man Loves Detroit."

Also, check out his documentary on Detroit.

12. Heidelberg Project

How-To Instructions

Polkadot Onsie or white shirt and pants painted with assorted polka dots (size and colors)
Paint a couple polkadots on your face
Walk around with a stuff animal or pin a couple to your clothes (front and back)

13. Nicole Curtis 

How-To Instructions

Blonde wig (if you aren't blonde, obviously)
Tool belt filled with tools that won't be mistaken for weapons or plastic ones like these
Tank Top or Detroit themed tank or t'shirt
Skinny Jeans
Safety Glasses
Work Boots

Also, for more information about the upcoming Open House at the Ransom Gills  home, click HERE!

14. Detroit Craft Brewmaster

How-To Instructions

Beer (giant beer stein preferred.  The more ornate, the better)
Favorite Detroit Beer Tee/Hoodie
Required: Insert your favorite Hops notes into every conversation you have while smelling your beer, your friend's, and stranger's
Mid-Calf Dark Boots
Optional: Ascot, Silk Robe, White Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants

Just drool !!!!!!! You ready to see this great house in person ? For the first time ever, I'm giving you actual notice...
Posted by Nicole Curtis on Monday, October 19, 2015

“America’s Got Talent” will kick off Season 11 auditions in Detroit on Saturday, Nov. 7 at the COBO Center. This is the first time the hit series is visiting Detroit and marks the beginning of a 12-city nationwide search for America’s next big undiscovered entertainer.

Those interested in auditioning can register for the Detroit auditions at

AUDITION DETAILS:   ‘AGT’ will host Season 11 auditions in 12 cities including Detroit, MI; New York, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Las Vegas, NV; San Jose, CA; San Diego, CA; Kansas City, MO; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX

Online auditions are also available through March 2016 for anyone unable to make it to one of the 12 audition tour stops