This blog has been created out of 1 part irritation and 2 parts necessity. The local media in the Detroit Area has turned into a pack of well coifed negative nellies. I refuse to chomp on their pessimistic pill and overdose. I am not alone in my sentiments and I know many others also share my pain and frustration. It has even been suggested that we start a campaign to ban the local media. Not a bad idea in my book, but I would rather beat them at their own game: by churning out positive, important, and newsworthy happenings in and around "The D."

I have always lived by the motto, "Focus on the Positive and It Will Weed Out The Negative." If you want things to get better, focus on what's good in our area, not the bad. Now I am not suggesting strapping on the blinders and living in ignorance, rather, all I am saying is give "positive" a chance. Sorry, that was cheesy. Hopefully I didn't just cause the Great John Lennon roll to over in his grave.

So, if you are tired of combing through various news and media outlets to find out what good is going on in your own backyard, you are in luck. Just visit my blog daily and you will get your dose of the cool happenings in and around town.

February 2008
~Erin Rose

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