Photo: Tatiana Arbogast  
Grub Street Los Angeles 

Now that we have bagels from Brooklyn, tacos from Chicago, and Chinese food from San Francisco, maybe it's time for Detroit to get in on our rapidly growing sausage party. Coming this May to Sunset Blvd., across the street from The Whiskey, Coney Dog is bringing Detroit-style hot dogs, burgers, fries, craft beer, and for true Motor City madmen, bottles of Faygo, to West Hollywood. Yes, this is basically a little like Sonny McClean's Bostonian refuge, only with Detroit exiles in mind. So, what's with the name?

The business seeks to provide a den of nostalgia for those missing Michigan's Greek-influenced American Coney Island hot dogs. The popular special here is usually a chili dog and Coney's Facebook page shows the gang preparing to take on Tommy's with one of their own. Good luck guys. After all, even though we have enough regional transplant action for a few years, who isn't rooting for Detroit?

Coney Dog, 8873 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood.


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