by Courtney Monigold
Someone asked me the other day what my favorite ‘find’ of 2008 was. Besides a pair of designer shoes I found insanely on sale, it’s really hard to narrow it down to just ONE! But one that came to mind was the new Mirepoix Cooking School at Holiday Market in Royal Oak which opened in February this year.

I can’t tell you how long I have looked for a hands-on cooking classes. I have been to so many different cooking demonstrations, but had never been to a “hands-on” class. Most of you may know I am self-taught, so even my skills could use some brushing up.
Plus, I absolutely love learning new things to improve myself in the kitchen. So when I discovered this great opportunity to learn more about buffing up my so called ‘culinary expertise’ without actually enrolling in culinary school, you could only imagine the excitement I had!

I have managed to take a few classes at the facility and I can’t say enough good things about this school. It’s fun, it’s informative, the instructors are phenomenal, the service is great and even better ….you come out with useful knowledge you can use to better your skills!

Mirepoix offers an extensive variety of classes all the way from knife skills to stocking a pantry, from appetizers to desserts. Classes are very reasonably priced because you get one on one attention from a trained chef. On top of all that, you get to cook with all of the great gourmet ingredients you would find downstairs in the market. Gourmet or not, don’t let that detour you, they make this so easy that anyone could do it.

If you aren’t sure, I dare you to check out their class schedule at Mirepoix Cooking School. With so many tempting courses, it is very hard to choose!

Not sure what to expect? I’ll tell you…

When you arrive, what you may think is just a gourmet market, is only an illusion. Upstairs your cooking destiny awaits behind swinging stainless steel doors.

Upon entry, you are welcomed by the instructor(s), given your official chef’s coat and then sat down to go over the class recipe plan. Then, you are off to your own devices to grab your tools and ingredients (which are all conveniently located in the center of the room).

The school is set up what is reminiscent of a ‘home economics’ class you may have taken in school because each person or group has their own kitchen space. Depending on the class size, you may be put into groups and set up with your own chef to help guide you through the whole cooking process. They show you how to properly chop, weigh, measure, mix ….depending on what you may be doing of course! Before you know it, you have created an amazing gourmet meal(s).

Now…for my favorite part of the course: You get to EAT what you and the other class members have made! For me this is pay-off in itself!

So if you are squeamish in the kitchen, or maybe you just want to brush up your cooking skills or even if you are looking for a fun thing to do with a friend or loved one, sign up for Holiday Market’s, Mirepoix Cooking School. Not only will you have fun, but you will come out “full” of both new knowledge and great food!

For more info:

Contact Mirepoix Cooking School Director, Stacy Sloan

Phone: 248-544-7037, 1203 S. Main Streen, Royal Oak, MI 48067


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