The land along I-94 and M-59 in Chesterfield will house the new 150,00 square foot Chesterfield Town Centre, featuring a convention center and 4-star hotel.

Bill Crouchman/Chairman, Macomb County Commmissioners stated," This is really a shot in the arm to get things going again."

Bill Crouochman is the chairman of the Macomb County Commission. He helped lead the effort to get the project going.

It will cost developers $150 million over the next 10 years to complete.

There will be plenty of shops, entertainment, basically something for everyone. It's all designed to bolster the I-94 corridor in the area.

"You've got $100 billion a year going thru Port Huron and Detroit, back and forth from Canada every year. We're right in the middle of that."

You might ask yourself does Macomb County need a convention center with Detroit nearby? Fair enough. But, commissioners say this land needs to be developed because things are about to change between here and their neighbors to the south.

"We will surpass the City of Detroit in population in the 2010 Census, we've grown quite a bit."

That means having what's needed to keep people shopping closer to home. The bonus comes with the roughly 1,700 permanent jobs that will be created with the new convention center and hotel. They are expected to open for business in 2010.

The center is expected to generate 6 million dollar a year in new sales taxes. Roughly half a million of that will go to Macomb County. Construction will begin next spring once the governor approves the legislation passed last week.


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