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A new job seekers' service is raising the bar for quality, innovation and affordability -- and catching the attention of media outlets in the process.

"Job Seekers and employers are really struggling in the current employment environment, getting yourself noticed on the standard job boards, as well as attracting qualified candidates is difficult for employers" says Daniel Lord, V.P. of

"The tools we provide Job Seekers, Employers and Recruiters cut through the mess, and enables a much higher success rate. Job Seekers have the free basic membership and the Premium membership available to choose how they wish to present themselves to our employers and recruiters. Premium members have the ability to elevate their resumes above the rest and use our tools to achieve greater attention."'s revolutionary approach has drawn praise from media personalities such as radio host Murray Feldman of WWJ News 950 in Detroit, who devoted a recent segment to

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RecruitmentFactory is "jumping into the job-search field in a different way from those who have been there before," Murray explains.

Murray points out that RecruitmentFactory features a "pay per click" rewards program that pays job seekers every time their resume receives a click from an employer. Not only do job seekers get cash, they also have access to valuable data about who has viewed their resume, and what keywords recruiters use to find them.

Another revenue-sharing opportunity for job seekers is through the site's People Helping People (PHP™) feature, a tool that lets candidates present open jobs from their current workplace or a friend's business to As soon as the position referred by the candidate is posted and paid for, credits the job seeker's account with one-third of the revenue generated. value doesn't stop with benefits for those searching for employment.

Employers pay less than $200 per month for full access to a database of resumes from qualified candidates.

"The cost is lower than its well-known competitors," Murray notes. For employers seeking to tighten their belts, these cost savings are significant.

In addition to affordability, also offers a range of powerful tools to employers, including a database of corporate candidates verified and approved by professional recruiters.

Another powerful tool is the ability for employers to include screening questions in each job application, allowing smarter selection of qualified candidates. Because manpower remains the most expensive resource for companies, finding the perfect match of skills, aptitude and attitude is crucial.

Other job-seekers Web sites offer some of these tools individually, but only integrates them into one system. is the result of years of industry experience, conceived by a team of specialists in recruiting and workforce management.

The media attention has already generated sends a message that the resource's innovative approach is gaining a significant edge in the employment industry.


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