Free Detroit Show From Eminem

On Sunday, minutes after rapper Eminem announced that he would be giving a free concert in Detroit tomorrow fans began lining up at a record store in the city.

The free concert is a promotion for his new album, Relapse – the rapper’s first new studio album in five years.

He’ll be headlining a performance at the Sound Board theatre, located in the city’s Motor City Casino.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is expected to air portions of the performance when Eminem makes two separate appearances on the show this week, on Tuesday and Friday.

MySpace Music had the privilege of announcing the show on Sunday night, just after Eminem made an appearance on the animated sitcom Family Guy the same night.

Record Time in Roseville, Michigan won’t begin passing out tickets until 5pm today, but fans set up camp outside the shop last night in anticipation of obtaining the first-come-first-serve tickets.
Hot Topic stores, MySpace Music, and local Detroit radio stations will be giving out tickets through lotteries as well. Opening for the rapper is DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Relapse will be out tomorrow.

The rapper hasn’t released an album since 2005’s compilation Curtain Call: The Hits, and has only appeared since on Akon’s 2006 single “Smack That.”


Jamie Favreau said...

This is good for him and good for the community. I am not a fan and I don't want to see him in concert but if I were I am sure I would be ecstatic I know how people feel about Kid Rock.

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