The 2010 Frozen Four will be unlike anything we’ve seen before in our game and with that opportunity comes distinct advantages and disadvantages.

What do we look forward to about the Frozen?

Ford Field is going to work for a number of reasons: Huge event experience partnered with a knowledgeable planning committee, growth and exposure in a non-traditional manner, affordability and access to tickets, geography, and proud local residents.

This stadium has hosted the NCAA men’s basketball final four, a men’s basketball regional, a Super Bowl and even Wrestlemania within the last five years. Any unusual issues with traffic, parking, concessions and other fan amenities have certainly been dealt with and are planned for by now. The CCHA and organizing committee has been actively researching and following these events and will know of any potential issues that might arise. It’ll be a great fan experience.

It is expected that the 2010 Frozen will set attendance records, simply because of the size of the venue. Some tickets for games are priced as low as $10. While they might not be the greatest seats in the house, they’ll give fans a chance to see our game at a fantastic price and help boost the expected record-setting numbers. It’s certainly the best option for Frozen newcomers to see the event, as many fans retain their tickets from year to year and travel no matter what teams are involved. Those reasons will draw greater media attention on national networks and create a spectacle that all sports fans will remember.

The city of Detroit takes its knocks, but the people of the Motor City and surrounding areas take great pride in putting on a good event and giving visitors positive reasons to come back. The fact that many major Canadian cities are a relatively short drive away, and Detroit’s airport is a major hub that serves most cities in the United States will make it easy to get in and out of town. Strong college hockey ties through the CCHA and elite programs could draw in alumni bases if any of the conference’s schools make it to the event.


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