Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., the makers of the Litter-Robot, the only automated, self-cleaning litter box product made in the U.S., today announced their newest additions to the Litter-Robot product line to help pet owners tailor the Litter-Robot to their cat's specific needs, while maintaining an eco-friendly litter box.

New products include the Bubble Globe, Lip Extender and the Litter-Robot Ramp and are now available for purchase at the Litter-Robot Web site at

"We are continually perfecting our valued-added, green line of pet care products and after carefully reviewing customer suggestions, our new line of products and accessories are designed to accommodate our customer's needs, while maximizing the long-term value of their Litter-Robot," said Brad Baxter, president of Automated Pet Care Products.

The Litter-Robot's new products and accessories include:
The Bubble Globe is a skylight-type window mounted to the back of the Globe that adds 3 inches in the front-to-back depth of the litter chamber. The Bubble Globe provides natural lighting to the litter chamber and the extra depth helps to accommodate larger cats.

The Bubble Globe is available in beige, black or gray and can be purchased as part of the new Litter Robot II Bubble Unit ($349) or can be purchased separately ($169) for customers who already own a Litter-Robot and would like to upgrade to the current model.

In conjunction with the Bubble Globe, Automated Pet Care Products now offers a Lip Extender add-on accessory. The Lip Extender is designed for cats that have not mastered turning around in the Globe and 'miss their target.'

The Lip Extender protrudes out of the entry hole of the Globe and catches and redirects errant fluid back into the litter. The clever design of the Lip Extender also provides a self-cleaning feature by feeding tracked litter back into the Globe during the cleaning cycle. The Lip Extender is included with the purchase of any Bubble Unit Litter Robot or Bubble Globe.

The Litter-Robot Ramp ($39.99) can serve as a ramp to help elderly or small cats get into the Litter-Robot and is also a scratch pad and can catch tracked litter to keep the litter area neat and tidy.

The Ramp can be placed in front of the Litter-Robot and can be easily removed for access to the litter drawer. Made from laminated cardboard with a solid cardboard base for catching tracked litter, the Ramp has non-skid rubber feet to ensure your cats safety, while protecting your floors. The Ramp is lightweight and the convenient grab tab makes it easy to move around or hang up when not in use.

For more information about the Litter-Robot and its new line of products and accessories, go to

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