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Artist Village Detroit, located in the Northwest side of Detroit, is an extraordinarily vibrant cultural center for the arts that is gaining recognition nationally.

Chazz Miller is the art director for Artist Village and founder of the Public Art Workz (P.A.W.Z.) which functions within the Artist Village to promote cultural growth in the region.

Artist Village is a multi-faceted organization that supports art education for local youth. The Village offers summer art programs for children ages 8-18 looking to grow creatively and expand their knowledge of the arts. The summer art programs include writing, poetry, graphic arts, etiquette and arts & crafts.

The course offerings begin in July and are 6 to 8 weeks in duration. Alicia Marion is the general manager of Artist Village. Alicia passionately and tirelessly shares her efforts to help impact those who come to Artist Village. “The energy and the magic that is here comes from teachers, poets, artists and all the people who are a part of Artist Village,” she said.

Current volunteers at Artist Village Erica Faye, twenty two, and Alexias (Lexi) Toles, twenty-five, speak positively of their experiences at Artist Village. “I didn’t know how much talent I had until Artist Village really brought it out of me,” Erica said. Erica is a poet, writer and dancer who is joyfully sharing her talents and positive energy at the Artist Village. She enjoys reciting her personal writings and is interested in forming a dance team. Alexias (Lexi) is a writer, poet and lyricist who said she felt a little shy when she began to volunteer, but has developed her confidence in the supportive environment of the Artist Village. Watching her express herself passionately on the stage it was easy to see a remarkable performer emerge. Through her own personal growth she encourages artistic blossoming in others.

Any family looking to encourage and enhance the skills of their youngsters in the area of arts should contact the Public Art Workz (Artist Village) 313-334-2919 or download the registration form at Click on registration form download.

Artist Village hosts “Creative Juices” open mic night every Saturday night. “The poetry merged to artist village about a year after its inception. Many local poets migrated to the Village after the closing of Café Mahogany,” said Alicia. Now local poets have a place to congregate and share what inspires them.

Artist Village/Public Art Workz17405 Lahser Rd.Detroit, MI 48219313-334-2919


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