Clarkston High School student Michelle Lee said she learned of her perfect SAT on her birthday.

Her mother, Patricia Lee, found the scores on line. "We found it was 800, 800 and 800," her mother said.

The news of her perfect ACT score came a week later. Her mother found the scores online and rushed to her daughter's bedroom to give her the news. "She said, 'You got perfect ACT scores.' It was a good way to wake up," Michelle said.

Michelle's mother first told her about the importance of the tests when Michelle was in the third grade. "I didn't even know what the test was about or anything but she was always telling me it's really important. I really think you should try to get a perfect score," Michelle said.

Michelle knew ahead of time what was needed to do so well on the tests. "One of the most important things beside preparation before the exam is during the exam. Time management was really important for me."

Michelle's parents operate Deer Lake Dry Cleaners. They are both immigrants and speak Korean at home. Because of that, Michelle said she was especially proud of doing so well on the English portion of the test.

She said she was inspired by the work ethic she sees in her parents and has worked to emulate them.

Her proud father has a message for her.

"Michelle, I do not have many accomplishments in my life, but you are my accomplishment right there. I was so proud," Michael Lee said.

Michelle is a member of her high school’s varsity golf team, plays the violin, is a National Honor Society member and volunteers regularly reading to elementary students in Spanish.

She also takes advanced math classes at Oakland Community College and volunteers in the radiology department at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital.

Michelle is considering 13 colleges, including the University of Michigan and Stanford. She said she would like to become a diagnostic radiologist. Michelle said that has been her career goal since she was in the fifth grade.


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