The Stanley Cup(cake) Bake-off Competition!

Detroit’s Cupcake Station and Pittsburgh’s CoCo’s Cupcake Café Compete for the Stanley Cup(cake)!

The Cupcake Station in Birmingham is in their own Stanley Cup(cake) competition with Pittsburgh-based CoCo’s Cupcake Café to see who has the most cupcake loving fans in hockey.

For every Wings or Pens cupcake purchased, a goal is added to the Goals Chalkboard located in each store. At the end of the series, one cupcake bakery will be able to claim the highest scoring, most dedicated, cupcake loving fans in hockey, and will be the rightful winner of The Stanley Cup(cake). Each location will be updating the “opposing” team’s score daily.

From now until the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Cupcake Station will be offering special Red Wing cupcakes. Choose from an Octopus cupcake, a “Go Red Wings” cupcake or one in the team colors of Red and White. Why not score a hat trick and try all three?!

CoCo’s customers can choose between black and gold cupcakes, ones the spell out “Let’s Go Pens,” or those that show their support for a favorite player.

The Cupcake Station is in Birmingham, at 136 N. Old Woodward Ave., just north of Maple. The Cupcake Station was founded in 2006 and serves up fresh-baked cupcakes unlike any you’ll find in other area bakeries. We proudly cheer for our Red Wings. Let’s keep the Cup(cake) in Detroit! For more information, check out or call 248-593-1903.

Monday Madness - any size Coffee, only $1 all day.
Two Buck Tuesdays - All Regular Size Cupcakes are $2 and Minis are $1.
Wild Wednesdays - Buy 2 Cupcakes and receive 1 free all day.
Thirsty Thursdays - All Fountain Drinks are 75 cents.
Frosting Fridays - A Shot of Frosting is only 25 cents.
Shop till you drop Saturdays - All Cookies are $1, while they last.
Sunday Sundaes - Buy a Frozen Yogurt and Receive 2 Free Toppings. Walk-In purchases only.


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