Erin Galliher

The film Cayman Went tells the story of a failing Hollywood actor, sent to the island Cayman Brac to help a real estate mogul acquire the land in exchange for a career boost. It had a red carpet premiere in Los Angeles, was released to limited theaters on June 5 and even got a review inThe New York Times. Despite being a full-length feature (the flick runs 88 minutes), Cayman Went wasn't created purely for entertainment; it's actually an extravagant promotional vehicle for the Cayman Islands.

With travelers staying closer to home this summer, cities, states and countries around the world--New York, Oregon and India among them--are rolling out attention-getting ads and promotions, some for the first time. Some aim to lure travelers seeking a respite from the stresses of urban life. The latest spot in a campaign for Michigan, for instance, beckons tourists "back to what's real and true."

Hoping to woo folks interested in a more raucous vacation, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, meanwhile, recently re-launched its "What happens here stays here" campaign, which was first rolled out in 2003.


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