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Novi Artist Nina Cambron's one-of-a-kind art glass sculptures are adorning windows & desks in the Midtown Manhattan accounting firm, Eisner, LLP. Cambron incorporated the company's logo & colors into each of the 100 commissioned fused glass pieces.

Nina Cambron is known throughout the art community as an innovator in fused glass. Eisner, LLP, is known as one of the premier accounting and consulting firms in the United States. Eisner found Cambron via her website, while searching for an artist to create unique handmade gifts for the partners in their Northeast office. Ms. Cambron bid on the project and was commissioned to design and execute 100 one-of-a-kind glass sculptures for the Manhattan office.

Previously, Cambron's work could only be found in galleries and private homes throughout the world. Entering the corporate arena was new to the artist, who embraced it as an exciting venture, wrought with potential. "I'd never done a commission of that magnitude - 100 unique pieces, in the same color palette, the same size, incorporating a corporate logo. With 6 months lead time, I was able to complete a few pieces at a time, allowing me to keep the sculptures fresh."

The discipline of the project reminded the artist of art school - an assignment to depict an object in numerous ways, in numerous techniques. The most gratifying part to Cambron, though, is hearing how the artwork was received and how the office is now spotted with her work. "I'm planning on visiting New York City this summer and Eisner's offices will be my first stop!"

Cambron recently launched a page on her website introducing her foray into corporate gifts.

She hopes to grow this segment of her business in the coming year and considers this the perfect opportunity to encourage the buying of American Made Craft. Cambron is a member of the American Made Alliance, whose mission is to preserve, promote and protect the value of American made products and their producers.

Fused glass, sometimes referred to as kiln formed glass, is a centuries old process that involves the layering of sheet glass that is then fired in a kiln at 1460 degrees fahrenheit.

Nina Cambron has been a self employed artist for over 30 years. She attended Cleveland Institue of Art & University of Michigan where she received a BFA degree. She is represented by over 50 galleries in the US. She maintains a studio in a suburb of Detroit.


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