Top 10 Stanley Cup Comebacks

The top 10 Stanley Cup comebacks include some that are amazing and historical Stanley Cup comebacks only include two three to zero comebacks in NHL history.

The top Stanley Cup comebacks all were considered astonishing upsets:

1. 1942 Final Toronto Versus Detroit

What is still considered the biggest comeback in the history of hockey, or any sport for that matter, is the 1942 Stanley Cup Finals. In an amazing comeback, Toronto won the championship after being behind, with the score three to zero at the start of the fourth game. This is the only time in the history of all sports that a team has come from behind this far and won a championship series.

2. 1962 Semifinal Detroit Versus Chicago

In the 1962 semifinals, Detroit was behind by two games, and made an amazing comeback to win the series, with a score of four to two. Many fans and commentators alike believed that after the loss of the first two games the Detroit did not stand a chance, but they pulled off an astounding comeback to move on to the finals.

3. 1975 Quarterfinal New York Versus Pittsburgh

This is only the second time in the history of hockey that a team has made a three to zero comeback in a seven game series. At the start of the fourth game, New York was behind with a score of three games to zero. The Islanders came back to win all four of the last games, and the championship.

4. 1987 Division Final Detroit Versus Toronto

In 1987, at the division finals, Detroit made an amazing comeback to win the series after starting out behind. In the beginning Toronto held the lead, but by the fourth game Detroit was making it clear that they would not go quietly. This comeback was unexpected, which made it even more astonishing.

5. 1999 Colorado Versus Detroit

With Detroit ahead by two at the start of this series, it looked like Colorado did not stand a shot. Starting with the third game in the series, there was a whole new perspective when Colorado came from behind with a sweeping comeback and won, with a final score of Colorado four and Detroit two.

6. 2001 Los Angeles Versus Detroit

In this game, Los Angeles was behind with the score two to zero. Los Angeles came back to win, with a final score of four to two, in part thanks to Chris Osgood losing four goals in a row for Detroit. This comeback ended Osgood’s first stint as a member of the Red Wings.

7. 2002 Detroit Versus Vancouver

In this series, it looked like Detroit was going to lose going into the third game because Vancouver was ahead two to zero. Instead, Detroit made a stunning comeback and won the series four to two. The Canucks lost all four of the last games, handing the win to the Red Wings.

8. 1998 Western Conference Quarterfinal Edmonton Versus Colorado

In this seven game series leading up to the Stanley Cup, Edmonton made a terrific comeback and went on to win. At the start of the fifth game the score was three to one against Edmonton, but the team proceeded to win the remaining three games to come out the victor. This comeback was one of the ten most amazing in the history of the NHL.

9. 1994 Western Conference Quarterfinal Vancouver Versus Calgary

During this series, Vancouver made a great three to one comeback. The team was behind by two at the start of the fifth game, but Vancouver overtook the lead that Calgary had and went on to win the series in a comeback that rocked the fans and players both.

10. 2003 Western Conference Quarterfinal Minnesota Versus Colorado

In this stunning three to one comeback, Minnesota was behind significantly. That did not stop this team from moving forward and winning the last three games of the series to move on. The final score was Minnesota four and Colorado three.


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