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Mark Parent, President and CEO, SugarBush Media Solutions announced the launch of a new Web 2.0 for Executives seminar.

This executive-level seminar, "Web 2.0 for Executives" is scheduled for one time only on February 17, 2009 at Automation Alley in Troy MI, with registration to begin at 12.30 p.m.
The two and a half hour presentation will be open to all Michigan based businesses and Automation Alley members.
This "FREE" high value seminar is geared for executives said Parent. Executives know they need to add value to the organization and this seminar will give that to them; this non-geek Web 2.0 seminar will focus on strategies and new tactics that companies are employing to move rapidly to Web 2.0.

Typically we have found that Web 2.0 seminars focus on the value of Social Networking, but the fact is many companies are not ready for that said Parent. Companies need short and long term goals to maximize ROI and there are a number of things that Web 2.0 can do for them. This session will layout the details executives need for consideration.

Topics to be covered include new tools and methods to capture insights and information on clients, alignment of the sales and marketing initiatives, eliminating unnecessary costs out of the sales and marketing function and driving down overall costs of managing the web.

Customer behavior is changing rapidly, and we need to understand and leverage best practices to properly interact with our customers on the web. Customers are more educated then ever before, and the sales interaction is taking place much later on in the buying cycle. How do we interact with our clients in the evaluation of options stage? Companies need to create consideration for their products and services earlier on in the buying cycle to minimize competition and learn ways to compete later on when the competition is fierce.

Businesses interested in attending can register at , or contact Michelle Bliszack at 1-248-373-8888.

Download our recent white paper "The Power of Web 2.0" at

Mark Parent has spent the last five years analyzing how the latest digital methods and technologies can increase the effectiveness of marketing materials used by B2B and companies.
His growing expertise is widely recognized by PODi, a not-for-profit consortium of companies specifically formed to foster the growth of digital technology through market and standards development activities. Parent frequently speaks before national organizations around the country.

SugarBush Media Solutions, helps marketers better quantify and measure the value of their marketing programs. SugarBush Media Solutions leverages Relevant Marketing, Process Automation and Multiple Media to deliver innovative marketing programs designed to drive better results.


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