A Great Deal In Detroit


Jason sends us this bit of good news from Detroit:
About a month ago you were asking to here from folks that were doing well in Detroit. My wife and I are two of those people. I am currently working at a solar panel manufacturer, and my wife is an elementary school teacher.

I was excited to hear Obama's plan roll out last night, as it distinctly called out progression in solar panel manufacturing and incentives for teachers who perform. We have had a great year this past 2008.

We sold our house which was getting too small for our family and found a GREAT deal on a brand new foreclosed home. I moved into the solar sector from the automotive sector, and learned a few months after I left my old company that they have been making major cuts in in the salary ranks.

My job would have been in jeopardy. I have started to invest in stocks which are at bargain levels, to help secure my retirement down the road. We feel more secure now in our lives then when the economy was booming. Things just seem much more affordable now. I can fill my Saturn VUE for 25.00 instead of 50.00. Our gas savings over the last few months has been hundreds of dollars!


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