Rosie O'Donnell wants to film again in Detroit

Associated Press

Rosie O'Donnell says she hopes to film again in Detroit on the heels of her new Lifetime movie "America," which was shot last year in the Motor City.
The nation's foster care system provides the backdrop for the movie, which premieres Feb. 28.
O'Donnell says she's been so moved by Detroit's plight that she bought a Buick Enclave, made by Detroit-based General Motors Corp.
O'Donnell tells the Detroit Free Press by phone that "whatever movie we do next, we're going to do there."
Based on E.R. Frank's book, "America" centers on 17-year-old America, a boy played by Philip Johnson who has been in foster care since infancy. He's a patient of Dr. Maureen Brennan, played by O'Donnell.
Johnson got the role after being spotted by O'Donnell at a Detroit restaurant.


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