Three of the top songwriters of the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada will share the stage on Saturday, Feb. 7, at the Trinity House Theatre.

The three winners' songs were selected from more than 600 entries in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest.
Allister Bradley, songwriter and keyboardist from Kitchener, Ontario, will perform his first-place winning song, 'What A Day.' Allison Downey of Kalamazoo, MI, will perform her second-place song, 'All That Matters.' Detroit's own Julianne will perform 'Whiskey on My Breath,' which won third place.

And the 'singing emcee' for the evening will be Dan Hazlett, a songwriter from Waterford, MI, who has been a multiple winner in the contest for several years running.

The theater is located at 38840 W. Six Mile, just west of I-275 in Livonia, MI. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the concert starts at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $15 in advance and at the door. Reservations can be made by phone at (73... or on-line at )

Based in Ann Arbor, MI, the Sixth Annual Great Lakes Songwriting Contest will open for entries later this spring. Details on prizes and entry materials are available at the website

First-place winner Allister Bradley left behind a senior corporate job several years ago to devote himself to music full time. Two albums and many accolades later, he's definitely not looking back. His latest release, 'Too,' has been described as, "Sting having cocktails with Norah Jones, while Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsby argue over the check."
Piano-dominated arrangements play in and out of various styles, from '70s R&B through emotional ballads and cheeky jazz-inspired pop, underneath lyrics ripe with emotion, social consciousness and occasionally a sense of humor. In addition to writing and performing his own songs, Allister keeps busy as a producer and sound engineer, session musician, web developer, film composer and songwriting mentor. More information on Allister can be found at

Allison Downey has been described as a 'masterful performer with a commanding, yet genuine and open, stage presence,' her voice reminiscent of the stylistic range and quality of Natalie Merchant. She will be joined on stage by her partner in music and life, John Austin, with whom she has been performing since 2004.
Songs from Allison's newest recording, 'Across the Sea,' produced by Michael Crittenden, have already won accolades, including the People's Choice Award for Texas' 2007 Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival Performing Songwriter Contest. The album has received airplay across the US and four other countries. 'Please Help' was aired on XM Radio's '2008 Music to Life Top 40,' a contest honoring songs for social justice. This recording, as well as Allison's 2002 debut CD, 'Wind at Your Back,' are available at a variety of stores, on iTunes, and on her website,

The Detroit area's Julianne hails from a musical family whose roots extend down from the famous Tubbs family of Tennessee . "Nearly everyone in my family played an instrument, from piano to fiddle, guitar, accordion, mandolin, and banjo,' says Julianne. 'Every night when my dad would come home from work, he'd spend the first ten to fifteen minutes playing the piano to unwind. My family's love of music was very influential to my career."
Julianne is the lead vocalist for the country band REDHILL, which won the 2007 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Country Album and has received 10 nominations over the last three years, including Outstanding Country Vocalist two years running. The upcoming REDHILL sophomore CD (to be released in March) will feature four of Julianne's songs, including 'Whiskey On My Breath.' "'Whiskey' was one of those songs that was a gift to me - it just came to me while driving one day, and I wrote the whole song in ten minutes.' More information about Julianne and Redhill is available at

Emcee Dan Hazlett has written songs that roam from the outlandish to the sublime, over a career spanning more than 30 years. He has received second- and third-place awards and several honorable mentions in past years of the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, and an honorable mention in The Billboard Songwriting Competition.
He has been nominated for several Detroit Music Awards and was a finalist in both The KRCL Performing Songwriter Showcase in Park City Utah and the Big Top Chatauqua Songwriting Contest. He has been a guest on the nationally syndicated radio shows 'Albom In The Afternoon' (Mitch Albom) and 'River City Folk' (Tom May). One of Dan's songs was featured on the NPR's 'Car Talk.' A prolific songwriter, Dan Hazlett has recently released his seventh full length CD, 'Just a Guitar,' while doubling as a producer, engineer and session musician for many local artists.

The Great Lakes Songwriting Contest is the creation of a group of southeast Michigan songwriters. In 2008, it honored 11 winners with a combination of cash prizes, publicity packages, and musical gear. Its longest running sponsor is Elderly Instruments of Lansing (MI).
In 2008, other sponsors were The CD Seller of Minneapolis; Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters of Royal Oak, MI; The Songbridge of Ontario, Canada; of Indianapolis; and Broadjam of Madison, WI.
The contest is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
Interested persons can contact the contest organizers by e-mail


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