Hugh Gallagher

Gov. Jennifer Granholm offered an optimistic view that things will improve during her State of the State address Tuesday.
State Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, who represents Redford Township, understands the governor's approach.

"It was good speech," he said Wednesday in a call from the Senate floor. "One thing we have to do is assure people that things will get better.

Anderson said his fellow legislators seemed more open to her ideas.

"I was really taken by the reaction to the speech by folks on both sides of the aisle, how many times they applauded her," he said. "What she said had more bipartisan support than I have seen since I've been here."

The governor looked mostly to the future, emphasizing Michigan's prospects as a producer of green energy technology from solar panels to wind turbines. She marked a goal of reducing electricity generated from fossil fuels by 45 percent by 2020.

"Certainly we'll never get close to that unless we set goals," Anderson said. "Renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels is exciting. We are in a position to be a leader in the country and certainly in the region."

Granholm also pointed to the film industry's continued interest in Michigan since special tax incentives were approved last year. She announced major film production facilities for Detroit and Pontiac and a digital games manufacturer for Plymouth.

"There was a lot of good news about the film studios. Livonia has done a lot to be a one-stop source for the film industry," Anderson said.

The other major initiative announced by Granholm was a major shrinking of state government under the leadership of Lt. Gov. John Cherry.

"It's very ambitious to go from 18 down to eight (state departments)."

Anderson said he will need to see the details outlined in the governor's budget report in a couple of weeks.

"This is just the broad outline. We have to wait for the nuts and bolts," he said.


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