The first television series to be shot in Michigan is looking for a high school to call their TV home.
Ron Stern is one of the producers of the new show "The Wannabes". In the last few days, he has been from Howell to Birmingham scouting locations for a 26 episode production.

"It's an eight-million dollar budget shoot. ... A lot of that money is going to go to local Michigan residents who we're going to hire through the production. Of course, we're bringing some of the talent... but the majority, about 90-95 percent, will be hired locally here," said Stern.

Jeff Spillman of Ferndale's S3 Entertainment is a partner in the project.

"This is the first TV series that will be fully filmed and fully produced in the state of Michigan. So, it's great for the state. It's great for the local folks who want to get jobs and great for people behind the camera as well as in front. ... We're going to have casting calls for local, talented ... adults and children to take part in this series," said Spillman.

Based on the Radio Disney group Savvy, "The Wannabes" puts the stars in a school for the performing arts.

Dorean Spicer-Dannelly, the show's creator known for the movie "Jump In" and the series "The Proud Family," says, "We're looking for schools that have the traditional hallways, lots of space (and) big areas. ... We're going to do a lot of ballet scenes (and) acting scenes. We're also need to fit in there a sweet shop. So, kinds of schools that have a lot of space that we can do a lot of creative things in."

Once they find their locations, shooting starts in June.


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