Sebastian Schepis

One Detroit-area company has found themselves a profitable niche amidst the maelstrom - selling electric vehicles.
Eco Wheelz, a personal electric vehicle retailer and online store started and run by entrepreneur Jeremy Panizzoli and located in Plymouth, MI has been enjoying steadily growing sales of their personal electric vehicles.
“Traffic continues to grow at our new retail store,” said Jeremy. “Surprisingly, most people aren’t even aware that these products exist. But as the word spreads, we’re seeing growing interest as more and more people become educated about the advantages of electric-powered bikes and scooters.”

And it makes sense. Electric vehicles aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re also economical. It costs about $599 to purchase a starter e-bike, which then costs pennies to recharge straight from a wall outlet.
That same bike will give you the ability go travel at over 20mph with a 20 mile range - and let you pedal home if you run out of juice. And for a lot of people, that makes good economic sense.
Only time will tell if personal electric vehicles become adopted en-masse in the US. They’ve been popular for years in places like Europe and Asia, and the U.S. market for e-bikes continues to grow.
2009 is expected to be a record year for electric bike sales in the U.S., with projections of 170,000 units. If the numbers are any indication, it might only be a matter of time before electric bicycles and electric mopeds become a ubiquitous presence on U.S. streets.


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