Total Member Care, the Auburn Hills-based business unit of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based PSCU Financial Services, said Monday that it had achieved 95 percent revenue growth in 2008.

Company officials say that growth came on the heels of 89 percent revenue growth in 2007, and that they expect growth to continue throughout 2009.

Since January 2008, 35 credit unions with average assets of more than $836 million and membership totaling almost two million people have signed up for Total Member Care services.

With significant increases in the number of clients came record-breaking increases in call volume. The Total Member Care solution ended the year with 17,000 calls received on Dec. 31, as compared with 9,900 calls received the same day last year.

The month of December overall saw 262,670 incoming calls, a record number of calls to date. The previous record call volume month was November 2008, when Total Member Care handled 216,000 calls. Total call volume for 2008 was almost 2.3 million, up from 1.7 million total calls received in 2007.

“Our staggering growth in client numbers and call volume leaves no doubt that credit unions are utilizing 24/7 total member service to proactively address market conditions and remain strong in turbulent times,” said Peter Schmitt, executive director of PSCU Financial Services.

In response to the significant swell in demand, PSCU Financial Services hired 122 Member Service representatives, three trainers, seven account managers and eight IT staff members to support the Total Member Care operation.

With plans to hire an additional 200 employees in 2009, the company found it necessary to expand its Detroit-area office beyond its existing 9,300 square feet of space into an additional 8,300 square feet of space. At the end of 2008, 260 employees were supporting 240 clients that use Total Member Care services.

As of Jan. 1, 2009, Digital Dialogue transitioned from being a wholly owned subsidiary of PSCU Financial Services to being an integral part of the organization under the solution name Total Member Care. Digital Dialogue employees are now employed by PSCU Financial Services.

PSCU Financial Services is the nation's largest credit union service organization and serves more than 1,100 financial institutions nationwide. As a non-profit cooperative, the company is owned by more than 600 member credit unions representing over 13 million accounts and subscribers. Its Contact Centers handle more than 14 million inquiries a year.

PSCU Financial Services offers 24/7 member support through four Contact Centers: its Eastern operations center in St. Petersburg, Fla.; a Western operations center based in Phoenix, Ariz.; and two call centers in Detroit.

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