Chrysler Green with ENVI at the Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler, brought several cars from its ENVI extended-range electric car program to the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, including a Lotus-designed sports car and an electric concept car.

Lots of companies had new green technologies to show off, though, (except for Ford, which only brought a slide presentation of its plans to build electric cars in the future).
Chrysler set itself apart by thanking the government and the American people at its press conference for the bailout money and acknowledging that it had a new responsiblity to consumers who had granted them the loan “just in time.”

Part of this responsibility, in Chrysler’s view, is to build cars that answer our energy and creature-comfort needs. It’s working on it. The company owns GEM, the golf-cart-like NEV company, and it brought three ENVI electric vehicles, including two Jeeps and minivan with a 40-mile electric range.

But it was the ENVI concept cars that stood out. Here’s the skinny on these new EVs:

Dodge Circuit
EV sports car shown in Tangerine
Designed by Lotus — and looks like it
0-60 in under 5 seconds, top speed of 125
150-200 mile range from lithium-ion batteries

Chrysler 200C
Interior made with organic materials
In-car Wi-Fi hotspot from Mopar
Microsoft-powered on-board computer includes a Facebook-like app, music downloads
0-60 in 7 seconds, 268 hp
40-mile electric range; 400 miles with range-extending gasoline engine


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