The Best Cocktail In America Is Made In Detroit

The craft cocktail. A drink that in one fell swoop embodies class, fun, sophistication and a night to remember.

One might assume that only the biggest of cities, the ones portrayed in movies as “swanky” or “sexy” would be able to pass muster and represent the United States in an international cocktail competition. 

Au Contrare.

Detroit has swagger, and Yani Frye of Detroit’s own Sugar House won the U.S. Finals of the Angostura Bitters Cocktail Challenge with two drinks aptly named the “Room Key” and the “Morning After.”

If you don’t know what a bitter is, it’s integral to many libations. It’s an age-old additive that used to be called a “patent medicine,” but it’s now just for your taste enjoyment. It’s liquor flavored with the sharp taste of plant extracts of various kinds.

“I lend a lot of credit to being overly prepared. I was very adamant on bringing my own stuff, I shipped my own my box of syrups I made,” said Frye. “I didn’t want to put anything in fate’s hands. It was great.”

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