The Detroit Historical Society needs YOUR help to create our next exhibition:
Detroit Decides: Our Most Celebrated Buildings
Our curators want to know your thoughts on which Detroit buildings have contributed the most to our city’s heritage and culture. Is it the Guardian Building for its unique architecture? Or Hudson’s for the generations of family shopping trips and memories? Perhaps it is a building no longer around, like Tiger Stadium or Ford Auditorium?

Detroit skyline, c. 1935
Detroit skyline, c. 1935

We need your help to answer this question: 

What Detroit building – past or present – best embodies the spirit of Detroit, and why?
Nominate your favorite building between now and August 30, 2013 and let us know why it should top our list. Our curators will choose three buildings based on the compelling cases made in the nominations.  In other words, let us know WHY your building of choice is important, and your words may be included in the exhibition.

Detroit Decides: Our Most Celebrated Buildings exhibition will open at the Detroit Historical Museum in January 2014.

Click HERE to cast your vote! 


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