Cultural Weekly: Why Does Detroit Matter?

Cultural Weekly reached out to numerous leaders within Detroit’s creative community and gave them the opportunity to tell the world one simple thing: Why this city matters. We were happily overwhelmed with responses and are delighted to share the feedback that came in.

“Because life in Detroit is so hard…the art that comes out of it has to be great.” 
Ismael Ahmed, Co-Founder and Director, Concert of Colors, Co-Founder, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)

“One day Detroit will come back and it’ll be as generic, commercialized and boring as every other place. Until then, everyone should come experience all the inspiration to be found here.” 
Toby Barlow, Award-Winning novelist, screenwriter, Chief Creative Officer at Team Detroit

“Detroit matters because, whatever the circumstances, its creativity never ceases.”
Graham W.J. Beal Director, President and CEO, Detroit Institute of Arts

“Detroit matters because it is the heart & soul of the working people of America, and every genre of music from gospel to jazz pop & rock to hip hop flourishes and is nurtured here.” 
Joan Belgrave, Singer, songwriter, producer

“Detroit sits at the base of one of the greatest waterways of the world and it’s also the Mecca of the music world.” 
Marcus Belgrave, Legendary Jazz Trumpeter and Educator

“It is not the bounty of life that is interesting, it is the struggle to get to that bounty. Detroit struggles. In the good and bad times Detroit’s greatest product is hope.” 
Tom Carleton, Partner and Director, Mindfield (creative agency)

“Detroit matters because its where I’m from and even in the wake of the ”Bankruptcy” it stands as a cultural beacon and will NEVER be bankrupt of culture, soul and spirit!! To do this would be going against God’s plan for my hometown and we sure don’t want to do that!! Right?” 
James Carter, World-renowned Jazz saxophone player

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