Yes, Detroit is broke, but your hometown sucks too.

That is the funny, defiant message in “Detroit’s Reply,” a new video by Detroit filmmaker John Kerfoot that is currently making the rounds in the Facebook and Twitter feeds of Detroit-lovers (reporter’s disclosure: guilty!).

Against the backdrop of grayed images of Detroit’s depressed and depressing cityscape, an announcer intones, “Michigan’s largest city, Detroit, is officially bankrupt. The Motor City has been on hard times for over 40 years. But apparently just now has the rest of the country noticed. And they are laughing.”

Then the filmmaker suggests that perhaps those living in glass houses should not throw stones.

To boot:

“Detroit is a joke to a beautiful state like California … that doesn’t realize their cities are next. And it’s not surprising when their major industry only produces awful crap in 3D.”

“New Yorkers chuckle at Detroit while their mayoral candidate is busy taking pictures of his junk at this very moment.”

“The nearby Chicago: they think they’re so much better because they have an elevated train, and a few more white people.”

And so on.

Kerfoot made the video, he says, to stick up for a city that he loves despite its obvious troubles. “You kept hearing about the bankruptcy in the news, with everyone bashing on Detroit. I felt like saying, ‘Listen, every city has problems.’”

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