Hatch Detroit reviewed nearly 200 business plans to determine the top 10 plans to open in Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park.  Now its up to you to decide which of these plans becomes the 2013 Comerica Hatch Detroit winner!  

...and the 2013 Semi-finalists are:

Batch Brewing Company aims to become Detroit’s first nano-brewing company, adding their own beer to Detroit’s ranks while seeking to help other small breweries develop their brand through their “Brewery Incubator” program.

Busted! is a local bra boutique which will complement existing retail shops and make shopping in the city easier. Specializing in making “the perfect fit”, Busted! aims to perk up Detroit’s retail experience.

Corktown Cinema is the reincarnation of the Burton Theater: an eclectic independent cinema that will feature arthouse, independent, LGBT, foreign, second-run mainstream, local and cult films. Their aim is to help Detroit rival Chicago and New York as a center for independent film.

Detroit Barber and Shave Shop is an upscale barbershop looking to open up downtown. Plans to pamper its clientele include straight shaves and warm towel wraps.

Eartha’s Natural Hair & Body Boutique will provide chemical-free, all natural and organic products for hair and skin. Products are formulated in-house by a licensed pharmacist to ensure a healthy glow.

HenriettaHaus Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and cafe looking to open up in Hamtramck. Their menu will include homemade favorites that people already drive miles to purchase at their pop-up location.

Mama’s Sweet Side is a family owned bakery established in 2011 who is looking to share their tradition of premium home-style desserts.

Spielhaus Toys will be an independent specialty toy store serving the families of Detroit and its visitors. Fond memories of THE Children’s store at Hudson’s fuel the vision of this establishment, and aim to bring similar happy experience to a new generation of Detroit children.

Treats by Angelique is an artisan sweet shop that specializes in a wide variety of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies and more. Everything from Angelique is made from scratch, always with real butter and with local fresh ingredients.

Voigt’s Soda House  is a new twist on the old fashioned soda counters of Detroit’s recent past.  Homemade syrups and and eccentric toppings transform the experience to what customers are looking for in ice cream and soda today. Adult beverages included.
You can vote on both Facebook and though the website once every 24 hours. Hatch Detroit is also offering a group of neighborhood votes around town. Details on  Round 2 of the vote starts August 19, and the winner will be announced at the Hatch-Off on August 29.


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