DailyCandy Goes to Detroit

Daily Candy 

Motor to Motown

Honor & Folly Detroit’s rap belies its many awesome alter egos (Motown, Motor City, Paris of the West). The city buzzes with energy, thanks to a recent revitalization. We tapped Meghan McEwen, a former CS Interiors editor who now calls Detroit home, to get her picks for a perfect weekend (and threw in a few of our own). The newest, most charming place to stay is Honor & Folly. Helmed by McEwen herself, the tiny Corktown inn displays pieces designed by artists based in Detroit and throughout the Midwest.

Supino For pizza, head to Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market. For a little bit of soul, Sunday Dinner Company serves comfort food with a side of good while employing people affected by crime and poverty (6470 East Jefferson Avenue, 313-877-9255).

71 Pop The rotating pop-up indie art shop hosts a rotating lineup of emerging artists and designers.

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