"An Empire State of Fashion"

Arte Fuse relentlessly gives you what’s the latest on all visual arts with coverage on gallery opening receptions, special museum exhibits, art fairs and the like but we love to mix things up here. In honor of upcoming Fashion Week in February, Arte Fuse decided to make a cameo appearance at an Art-Fashion Event held at the Empire Hotel last January 27, 2012. The Art of Fashion and Herbert Fox Productions with collaboration from DMA Productions, LLC held a rooftop extravaganza of an art reception featuring juried artists and two young fashion designers with a runway show.

The artworks presented were various representational or abstracts from a lively set of young artists. Presenting such works in a venue of the hotel’s rooftop can be quite a challenge but it gets the work seen. Nowadays, one must think outside of the box when it comes to organizing and having a group show. The gallery format is not the sole dictator of how art gets shown in the city. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity to stage an event where art can be seen in unlikely venues. The Art of Fashion used to have a steady venue at the Hotel Chelsea on 23rd Street but once that sold and became a private condo, the entire show must move on. This has transcended to a more daring leap into searching for other venues where even for a special one-night event can showcase the youngest and freshest talents in the New York art scene.

Clothes are a mode of self-expression just as artists express themselves through their work. It is not an unlikely pairing to have fashion be a tandem to art on this very night. The Young Designer’s Showcase featured the work of two designers on the cusp of staking their claim on the glamorous but tempestuous world of New York fashion. First is a fresh talent motoring her way from Detroit, Michigan is the unique funky styles of Fotoula Lambros Design. Her garments can be worn in infinite possibilities plus it is made from sustainable/organic fabrics. The whole design firm is based in Motor City and they plan to make a major presence in the Empire State. Second to present is a local designer from Brooklyn – Bianca Frazier of Strange Vixens Inc. Her take is the Mod inspired 1960’s with her playful lingerie ensembles and party wear. Fashion models were booked by DMA as well. It felt officially the start of Fashion Week and it just whets your appetite.

A lot of the common stories from the people attending is that they’re all from the other parts of the country but chose to follow their passions. This is the American way and very much the drive of why a lot of hopeful creative types take their chance here in New York City. Art & Fashion are two worlds intricately woven into the glittering tapestry of what makes this city so alluring.

Event was held at rooftop of: The Empire Hotel. 44 West 63rd Street. NYC, NY 10023 (between Columbus & Broadway)


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