A coalition of 55 small businesses and individuals recently donated $3,500 to purchase a billboard featuring the work of Miguel “BeloZro” Yeoman, the artistic half Detroit based creative firm BeloZro Visual Energy.

The painting, titled “The Rebuild,” displays a trio of futuristic sibling laborers inspired by Ford, Chrysler & General Motors; GM triangulated around the globe working in unison. Along with the art, the billboard features the faces and logos of project funders along with the phrase “Imagine, Detroit working together?”

Due to concerns about potential lawsuits or other forms of retaliation from the Big 3, Lamar Billboard Company required that the logos of Ford Chrysler and General Motors be completely covered before displaying the painting.

The billboard was erected Friday January 13th, and will remain for four weeks. It overlooks I-94 at Second Avenue, and is visible to eastbound travelers on I-94 well as Lodge travelers.

This billboard is the first project by Imagine Detroit Together, is an initiative that was launched this summer by James Feagin and Jerry Paffendorf to find ways to share inspiring ideas and bring Detroiters together.

James is the head of Marketing & Strategic Management for BeloZro Visual Energy, a creative firm based on the Yeoman’s artwork. Jerry Paffendorf’s other projects include Loveland, whydontweownthis.com, talktothesation.com, and raising $67,000 to build a statue of Robocop.

The project raised $3,500 to purchase the billboard through The San Francisco based loudsauce.com focuses on ‘amplifying ideas that matter” by securing major media outlets such as billboards, television commercials, and bus signs at a discount to broadcast the messages of successful projects.

For more information on the project, visit www.ImagineDetroitTogether.org.


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