Mayor Bing Named "Political Rising Star in 2012."

The Daily Beast

While the 2012 presidential race distracts the nation in the new year, 20 up-and-coming pols will be quietly gaining strength. From Gary Locke to Tim Scott and Susana Martinez, David A. Graham on the Republicans and Democrats to watch.

 Democrats: Dave Bing

If there’s good news coming out of Detroit, you can probably thank Dave Bing. It’s not his first turn in the spotlight: he was a seven-time all-star in the NBA. Since becoming mayor of the beleaguered Motor City in 2009 after his predecessor’s massive corruption scandal, he’s worked to “right-size” the city, bring in young members of the creative class, and attract new business. But with massive deficits facing Detroit, it’s unclear whether Bing will be able to beat the buzzer to prevent municipal bankruptcy.

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