“Last one out, turn off the lights” is a saying often heard in Michigan, referring to people leaving the state to find work in other parts of the country during the recent economic downturn. However, RTT USA, Inc. (RTT) is breaking this trend by attracting talented technology and design professionals to metro Detroit.

Most recently, Marlon Montgomery relocated to Michigan from Singapore specifically to work as studio manager for RTT, the leading provider of realtime 3D visualization solutions for product design, marketing and sales. In his new position, Montgomery is responsible for developing presentations, overseeing production, ensuring high-quality client deliverables and contributing to the company’s human resources initiatives, as well as research and development.

“I chose RTT and Michigan because I think that RTT is a great cultural fit for myself and that the area is a wonderful place for my family and to raise our children,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery comes from a long line of major production companies including Dreamworks in California, Vanguard Animation in London and most recently, Lucasfilm Animation Company in Singapore.

“The animation industry is very migratory, and I've had the opportunity to live and work in a number of wonderful locations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, London and Singapore,” said Montgomery. “I just love the energy and resiliency of Detroit. I hope and look forward to being able to play any little part that I can to help raise Michigan and the Detroit area to the prominence it deserves in the world.”

Since January 2010, RTT has added 15 full-time employees – eight of which relocated to Michigan for a job with RTT – further proving the company’s commitment to the state’s economic future. RTT currently has 82 employees at its Royal Oak office.

“RTT has been successful at attracting non-native prospects to Michigan since we opened our Royal Oak office in 2007,” said Peter Stevenson, co-CEO of RTT. “People are looking for high-quality positions in the technology industry, and we’ve proven Michigan can offer that; we’ve proven that Michigan is a desired career destination.”

RTT is still seeking and recruiting talented professionals in 2011. For more information about RTT, visit www.rttusa.com.


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