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Windsor International Film Festival has something for you to chew on. The annual blowout for film buffs every fall has expanded into the summer by serving up three tasty flicks as part of the third Eat Your City festival on now.

The three movies this Saturday at Capitol Theatre, 121 University Ave. W., all have a culinary theme.

Ratatouille, 2 p.m., is the animated family film about a French rat that heads to Paris to pursue as career as a master chef. The screening is free.

Grown In Detroit, 5 p.m., is a fascinating documentary from Dutch filmmakers Mascha and Manfred Poppenk about efforts by an inner-city Detroit high school to develop urban gardens in povertystricken neighbourhoods. Tickets $10.

King of Pastries, 7 p.m., follows the annual pastry competition in Lyons, France, as 16 chefs reveal the secrets behind their mouth-watering recipes. Tickets $10.

Adriano Ciotoli, organizer of Eat Your City, said movies and food are a natural pairing.

"We love to go out to dinner either before or after a movie," said Ciotoli. "This just makes your choice a little easier."

Think of the films as an appetizer to an evening on the town.

Nick Cacciato, president of Windsor International Film Festival, said the three films are a way to keep the fall festival front and centre in people's minds.

"We hope this becomes an annual attraction," he said.

Along with the movies there will be a free, interactive sushi workshop following the screening of Ratatouille, and a demonstration of how to build your own urban garden following Grown In Detroit.

Film tickets can be purchased at the door.

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