The situation in East Africa is volatile. Drought threatens more than 12 million with starvation, and thousands wander the land in search of food, water, and basic aid. The Hand Up 4 East Africa project was formed in response to the dry, dimming conditions, and the hurt that ensues.
On the weekend of September 9, Hand Up 4 East Africa will traverse the state of Michigan. Covering the 168 miles from Holland to Detroit, they walk to raise $10,000 for relief and development work in East Africa.

Hand Up 4 East Africa walks to demonstates the severity of the situation, that many are forced to journey unimaginable distances, while sick and hungry, in a measure to save their lives. Funds raised will go to Mercy Corps, an international aid agency, to support ongoing relief and sustained food security in the region.

Mercy Corps communications director Joy Portella warns, “Things won’t get better in the coming months leading up to the hoped-for fall rains. If we...don’t act now, the vice will keep tightening, and families will get squeezed dry.” East Africans are wandering after water. Their livestock (their livelihood) is suffering just as much as they are, and it only compounds the situation. Many women take on the now common title “drought widow” as their husbands depart with their herds in search of food and water. Not only are resources frail and failing, but families too are deteriorating in a time when the support of kin is vital. Families are seeking respite, but doing so divided and without promise of reunion.

In order to raise awareness and much needed funds, Hand Up 4 East Africa will walk the distance that many starving and frail East Africans are walking to survive. Our walk pales in comparison to the excruciating passage trekked in the heat of shadeless plains, while sick and hungry. Though we could never truly imagine what it would be like to make a journey to save our lives, we walk in solidarity, and walk for relief and future security.!/pages/Hand-Up-4-EAfrica/201530226571779?sk=wall


If you would like more information regarding this fundraising campaign please contact Hand Up for East Africa at or Jessica at (586) 907-4658.


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