Pick Mi Date 1 Year Anniversary Date at the Historic Cliff Bell’s
Friday, September 9 at 8:00 pm!!
  • The Winning Couple Will Receive a 3 Course Dinner and Two Round of Drinks from Cliff Bell’s New Menu (we’ve tried it and it’s delicious)!
  • After Dinner Entertainment Provided by Grupo Escobor, Detroit’s Very Own 11 Piece Cuban Band! 
  • Valet Parking is Available
You Must Sign Up As a Dater By Sunday, September 3rd 2011!

Voting Begins at 9am Monday, September 4th!

Directions To Register:

1. Go to http://pickmidate.com 
2. Click on the “Register To Date” Button
3. Fill Out The Most Hilarious Dating Form Online
4. Click “Submit”


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