Detroit 313 Cultivates New Society Supporters

The Detroit Historical Society’s Past>Forward campaign received a boost last week thanks to metro Detroit’s young professionals.

On Thursday, July 28, the Detroit Historical Society welcomed more than 200 supporters onto the Streets of Old Detroit to launch its latest donor cultivation program, Detroit 313.

An innovative new fundraising effort, Detroit 313 has a straightforward mission – to reach 313 Detroiters who recognize the value of the region’s history and will help raise funds for the expansion and preservation of the Society’s exhibitions and collections.

The new program sets forth a challenge to attract 313 new members who will each pledge a total of $313 over the next three years to the Society. The money will directly benefit the Past>Forward campaign which has the goal of raising $20.1 million towards new and expanded exhibits, technology upgrades, educational offerings and enhancements for the Detroit Historical Museum, Dossin Great Lakes Museum and Detroit Historical Society Collection.

Amid a festive atmosphere within the Detroit Historical Museum, the Detroit 313 event July 28 garnered a total of 43 new commitments for this initiative.

“Membership in Detroit 313 is an opportunity to connect the exciting things the Society will accomplish through this campaign to a group that has the energy and commitment to support the continued growth of our region,” says Kristin Lusn, Detroit Historical Society trustee and 313 committee member.

For more information about Detroit 313, visit, or call 313.833.1980.


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