While imitation is the goal of many Neapolitan purists, who import their 00 flour and San Marzano tomatoes for Italian authenticity, the best pizza in America also spans regional styles like deep-dish Chicago pizza, Detroit’s square slices and New Haven’s coal-fired pies. We rank the country’s finest purveyors, from classic cheap pizza joints to gourmet eateries.

Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit

Pizza nerds can tell you that Detroit has a style all its own, and it started in 1946 at Buddy’s. Though the square slices are Sicilian-inspired, the industrial-weight steel pan that creates the well-done, almost fried-on-the-bottom crust sets them apart; rumor has it Buddy’s founder Gus Guerra acquired his first pans from a factory-worker pal. Buddy’s has since passed through several owners and become a local chain, but the original on Conant Street is still credited with serving the best Motor City-style pies, layered with toppings, cheese and then tomato sauce — a recipe that’s been pleasing diners for 69 years.

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