WildSam.com: The Perfect 24 Hours In Detroit

Jesse David Green
In this new Wildsam digital story series, we’ll be tagging along with talented folks in cities we love. The catch: We asked them to describe the perfect 24 hours unplugged and away from work. We’re calling it DAY OFF.

First up, we’re going to Detroit with diner owner, Lucy de Parry.

Lucy is the co-owner and front of house queen at Rose’s Fine Food, the cozy, throwback-feeling breakfast and lunch spot on East Jefferson. Along with fellow co-owner/cousin Chef Molly Mitchell, the Rose’s team has already made quite the impression, near and far. Barely past their first anniversary, Bon Appetit’s dubbed Rose’s as “the ultimate diner” in the September issue. On the occasion that Lucy gets a full day to enjoy Detroit – beyond her bustling restaurant – here’s how she’s spending it.

MORNING: The regular routine doesn’t allow for much sleeping in, so Lucy starts the day early with coffee and books in bed. Getting outside is a big priority, whether it’s enjoying the rustic, countryside appeal of east Poletown (where she lives with husband, Zan, of Roast) or heading to the William Livingstone Memorial Light on Belle Isle. In the winter, she’ll cross country ski to see the 70-foot high marble tower. “If you stop and stand at the water’s edge,” she says, the “hypnotic sound of floating ice hitting the shore” can be heard on less windy days.

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