Detroit is on the rise, and there are plenty of exciting reasons to visit now. (Photo: Catch Carri)

It’s hard to think “Detroit” and picture green urban spaces, organic coffee shops, and gourmet restaurants, but the Motor City is undergoing a revitalization that could put it on the map as a hip city to visit this year. Though the city has suffered culturally and financially through the years, entrepreneurs and young professionals are slowly moving back and sparking positive change in the community. Here are ten reasons to put Detroit on your travel list right now:

1. The coffee scene could soon rival Portland’s.

Coffee lovers can get their fix at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, an organic, small-batch coffee company located in a Midtown building that’s constructed mostly out of materials reclaimed from a demolished East Side Detroit home. A rotating menu of freshly roasted micro-lot, single-origin coffees are served throughout the week, but Great Lakes’ commitment to quality never changes — the business philosophy focuses on small-scale production, traditional techniques, and quality taste. Insider tip: try the cold-brewed coffee on draft.

Located right across from Campus Martius Park, Roasting Plant is further evidence that good coffee might be fueling Detroit’s renaissance. The modern shop takes the science of coffee seriously, and beans are roasted fresh in-house every day. While there’s no denying that the coffee is strong and delicious, the real reason people keep coming back is probably the novelty ordering process. Once you pick which coffee you want, the beans are vacuum pumped through clear tubes, shooting right from the roaster to the brewer. It gives the place an industrial mad-scientist vibe and draws coffee connoisseurs back again and again.

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