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26 of the Coolest, Tastiest Restaurant Trends We Spotted In 2015

Our search for the nation’s best restaurants revealed far more than theHot 10—like croissants gone wild and a tropical wallpaper boom. Here’s a look at the coolest, tastiest trends we uncovered in 2015.
You won’t find bar nuts and Bud at the country’s latest crop of breweries. We’re upgrading to pickled eggs with kimchi and offbeat brewing styles at spots like Small Brewpub in Dallas, Threes Brewing in NYC, and Batch Brewing Company in Detroit.
We’re All Ears
What do chefs have in common with your dog? They love a good pig’s ear. Thankfully chefs are churning out snacks far more delicious than Fido’s treat. You could say we’re up to our ears in them. (Sorry!)
Crispy Pig Ears at Gold Cash Gold in Detroit / Pig Ear Salad at Loyal Ninein Cambridge, MA / Shaved Romanesco and Pig Fries at The Progress in San Francisco / Pig Ear Tostada at Table No. 10 in San Diego
Cute Enough to Eat
With apologies to your kid’s pet bunny, rabbit is tasty, sustainable, easy to cook, and being prepared in more ways than ever. We’ve had it as mortadella (Ames Street Deli, Cambridge, MA), porchetta-fied (Redbird, L.A.), and in pot pie (Republic, Detroit). Good thing they breed like, well, you know.
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