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In 2016, the expected number of people working downtown will be over 100,000, which is up from 78,000 people in 2010. And many of these new workers are going to be Millennials.

As Millennials, we love a challenge. We thrive on adventure, going against the grain, working hard and having fun while doing so.

While many people in our generation love the idea of moving to NYC, Chicago or Los Angeles, the fact remains that those cities’ cost of living is way too high. So, in comes Detroit.

Detroit represents everything Millennials stand for. Our generation is so often looked down upon, so often dismissed. Well, so is Detroit.

The majority of people do not believe in or take the city seriously. To people who don’t know any better, it is simply a cringe-worthy sight. But this is somewhere new, something exciting and something rawly authentic.

It’s on the right side of living history, a history we can play a huge role in.

This city has everything Millennials could ever want. It’s a growing city, just as we are. As we are out trying to find our path in life, so is Detroit.

By moving into Detroit, or working for a company that is based downtown, we are becoming a part of history.

No American city has fallen so far as Detroit, but that also means America has never seen a comeback quite like this. If you are someone who loves a good success story, this is the place for you.

The change in the city is visible, beyond just numbers. Take a stroll through downtown or on Woodward Ave.

Brand new storefronts line the streets with their alluring designs. Breweries, in typical Michigan fashion, have begun popping up all over the place.

Clothing companies, such as Stheart, have put their headquarters in the heart of the city. It has become a haven for start-up businesses run mostly by, you guessed it, Millennials.

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