The Best Cities For Singles

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?

A new survey put together by San Francisco-based financial literacy site NerdWallet lists the top 20 cities for singles. NerdWallet has been offering easy-to-use personal finance information for the last six years, on everything from credit card rates to airport parking costs. (It makes money by collecting referral fees from some of the credit cards it recommends, like Bank of America and Capital One). We’ve used its data to report on the best -paying cities for women, the top cities for job seekers, and the most educated places in America.

This new list has a touch of levity. It looks at something called “dating affordability,” calculated as the price of a three-course meal for two, relying on data from a user-generated cost-of-living information site called Numbeo, plus two movie tickets at a midrange restaurant, taken from the Council for Community and Economic Research. It also calculates the median earnings for workers, taken from the Census, “to gauge the relative affordability of dating.” In addition it evaluates “date-friendliness” by calculating the number of arts and entertainment businesses and restaurants per 1,000 residents, plus “walk scores. . . to evaluate how easy it is to get around and meet people,” derived from a site called Finally the most objective criterion: the percentage of the population 15 and over that’s unmarried, also calculated from Census Bureau data.

NerdWallet analyzed data for the 50 largest US cities. One major caveat: because the Census Bureau doesn’t count the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered singles, the numbers could be skewed, especially when calculating the best cities for single women, say, in a city like San Francisco with a large gay male community.

7. Detroit

Unmarried population 15 and over: 73.5%

Cost of a date (mid-priced dinner and a movie): $60.00

Median income: $20,550

Number of arts, entertainment businesses, restaurants per 1,000 people: 2.17

Walk score: 52.2

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