50 Actually Great Free Things To Do In Detroit

They say the best things in life are free, and coneys (which are almost free) aside, they’re pretty much right. In fact, here are 50 sweet things to do in The D that’ll cost you the grand total of zero dollars...

1. Go to the MBAD Museum
Visit the home, shop, and outdoor exhibit of visual artist Olayami Dabls, who created the space to honor the cultures and art of Mother Africa within the city.

2. Go to the DIA
Admission to this incredible museum is miraculously free of charge for Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb county residents. Make sure you check out the free entertainment and films on Friday nights.

3. Go to the Detroit Historical Museum
Learn about this city’s never-boring past -- be it French fur trappers, Civil War forts, rum running, or sports heroes.

4. Wave “hi” to Canada
No really, they love it!

5. Walk or bike the Dequindre Cut
Or skate, or jog, or line dance. Just get out and enjoy this beautiful 1.35-mile path of green space in the city!

6. Browse volumes at John K. King Used & Rare Books
Stories upon stories within stories upon stories.

7. Do a group bike ride
Join dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other city boosters on bike rides through the city’s wide and open streets. Check out Slow Roll, Critical Mass, and Fender Bender collective -- just to name a few -- for upcoming rides.

8. Sit on the beach in Campus Martius
Someone had the brilliant idea of creating a giant adult sandbox in the middle of Downtown, complete with adult beverages and smooth jazz.

9. Watch a movie at New Center Park
This green oasis in New Center is a great place to catch a film and admire the lights of the towering Fisher Building.

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