Good French fries are so much more than a limp side dish for burgers. The best are capable of standing alone — figuratively and literally — on the plate. And the best of the best can draw you back to a restaurant over and over again. When the Yahoo Travel editors assigned me the task of creating this list, I began dreaming of deep-fried delicacies from across the country. I imagined months spent traveling and savoring the earthy aroma released by fresh cut potatoes when they first begin to brown. Count me in!

And then I fell back to Earth. They were not interested in my list of favorite fries; they wanted yours. The list was to be crowd-sourced through Yahoo Travel's readers, as well as our favorite foodies across this great French fry-eating country.

The number of people who crave the fries of national chain burger joints (which shall remain nameless) is shocking. Those are NOT fries, people. Step outside the burger box and see what the rest of the country is eating.

Here’s the list, as curated by one very hungry writer.

Truffle fries at Green Dot Stables in Detroit (Photo: MyThy H./Yelp)


Sure, there are truffle fries at Green Dot Stables in Detroit, but the crowds prefer the venison chili cheese fries.

Click HERE For The Full List!  Road Trip, Anyone???


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