Bozii Restaurants opened its first Detroit location in the Renaissance Center food court today. The location is the fourth in the metro Detroit area, with other locations in Dearborn, Auburn Hills and Clinton Township. New to the quick casual food industry, bozii Restaurants focuses on made-from-scratch, portable entrées and menu selections.

The restaurant will be open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

“Our one promise we make to each of our guests is that there’s nothing fake in our food,” stated Michael Steffke, director of U.S. operations for bozii. “We take tremendous pride in the fact that we offer what most can’t – natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. All of our poultry is organic, and we use nothing but premium ingredients to make our food.”

The Bozii menu at the Renaissance Center will include four breakfast boziis (quiches), four dessert boziis (treats) and nine entrée boziis. Salads, soups, smoothies and a variety of organic soda will also be available.  Prices for a bozii range from $2.49 for a treat to $4.69 for a premium selection, like roasted tenderloin or crab cake. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

 The restaurant will boast items from local companies as well as nationally recognized organic brands. The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company’s 313 Blend will be the featured coffee, used for all coffee drinks, including espressos and cappucinnos. Six flavors of Maine Root organic soda as well as two varieties of Jackson’s Honest organic chips will be featured.

"Guests already enjoy our food, but as they learn more about our philosophies and business practices, we’re certain a love will develop,” continued Steffke. “We are as proud of the reclaimed wood used in the restaurant and commitment to recycled products as much as we are of the organics and locally sourced items. To us, everything needs to be done right – not just the food.”

Bozii is a Windsor, Ontario-based company that provides natural, made-from-scratch products. Currently, there are 10 locations in the Windsor and metro Detroit areas.


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